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Becoming a Leader in Uniform Distribution

Our Story

Founded in 1927, Unitec Distribution Systems has a long history of providing intense customer service to the most demanding corporate and government agencies. Given our stellar record of servicing these agencies, it is clear why Unitec is the new face of uniform distribution. From orders and exchanges to returns and alterations, our dedication to “direct-to-employee” customer service takes care of everything from start to finish. We handle each issue, start to resolution, with promptness and efficiency—saving you time, money and headaches.

Unitec has redefined the uniform distribution process by building a better way for your managers to control the overall apparel distribution process. We’ve introduced the Internet-based Proximity System™, a solution that allows employees to address their own uniform needs, while making the management of your uniform program effortless and, consequently, more affordable. It’s a proven benefit no one else offers because it’s a system we’ve developed ourselves.

Our Expert Team

Every uniform supplier talks about taking your company out of the uniform business, but the simple fact is: Unitec Distribution Systems invented and perfected the concept.  Here is our management team.  Ready to learn more? Contact us today.

Elise Elfman

Elise Elfman

CEO / President

410-876-6227, ext. 141

Jeffrey Michelson

Jeffrey Michelson

Executive Vice President

410-876-6227, ext. 101

Sharon Fisher

Sharon Fisher

Director of Operations

410-876-6227, ext. 151

Dorothy Stielper

Dorothy Stielper

Business Manager

410-876-6227, ext. 191

Laura Evans

Laura Evans

Senior Account Manager

410-876-6227, ext. 145


 Elise Elfman’s Awards

2020 Women of Distinction Award

2018 Women of Power Award  

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2016 Brava Award  

2012 Circle of Excellence