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Managed Uniform Program

What is a Managed Uniform Program?

Unitec Distribution Systems is a managed uniform provider. We offer everything you need from product selection and customization to individual employee allocation and distribution. Every process and procedure has been devised, tested, and re-tested in order to simplify and control your uniform program.

What We Do

  • Private online uniform stores with custom product catalogs based on individual employee criteria
  • Uniform sourcing and customization
  • Distribution of pre-sorted employee uniforms to headquarters, regional offices, and/or employee homes
  • Direct-to-employee customer service

What You Get

  • Complete control on uniform issuance and budget
  • Employees with correct uniform items
  • Real-time analytics on product usage, budget, and distribution

Is a Managed Uniform Program Right For You?

Our scorecard, crafted by experts in business efficiency and management, consists of nine straightforward questions about your uniform program. After completion, you'll receive a personalized score along with suggestions on how to refine and improve your uniform management process.

Reinventing Uniform Distribution

The Proximity System was designed to reinvent the way uniforms are ordered and distributed. It is the most powerful and flexible internet-based apparel management system available. 

In-House Embellishment & Customization

Unitec Distribution Systems has everything you need to customize your company’s uniforms.


24 heads of high capacity embroidery.

Screen Printing

Full service screen printing and heat sealing.


Assortment of emblems including attachment.


Complete team of master tailors and seamstresses.


Ability to custom manufacture.

Dedicated Account Managers

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager. This is someone you get to know by name who works closely with your team to define and implement a managed uniform program specific to your company’s unique needs.

Specially Trained

Our Account Managers undergo extensive training on Unitec’s proven uniform management solution.

Live Support

Your managers and employees receive access to live customer support for managing your program and ordering uniforms.

Online Ordering

Every Unitec customer gains access to The Proximity System . This online uniform management software portal creates a private online uniform store for your organization.

Our team is trained on a variety of measures for controlling your uniform program from product selection and customization to issuance quantities and budgetary restraints. We work with you to optimize the system during onboarding and annual renewals.

Once setup is complete, each individual employee is granted access to a unique catalog of products specific to his or her role in your organization. The system limits employee ordering to your specific specifications based on position, tenure, location, and other factors.

Controlled Employee Distribution

We eliminate boxes of clothing where your team has to sort through multiple items and sizes by using spreadsheets and order forms in an attempt to keep track of everything.

With Unitec Distribution Systems, various items for each employee are packaged together. This process, called kitting, allows for quick, accurate distribution of items to each employee.

Once an order is placed, we can send it directly to an employee’s home address or collect multiple orders bagged by employee for bulk freight to a centralized location, like a warehouse or regional office. The best delivery option depends on your organization and can be customized for specific departments.

With Unitec Distribution Systems, you have full control.

Ultimate Control & Insights

Using our proprietary software, The Proximity System, Unitec provides complete control over your uniform program. Our experts use your parameters to set specific allowances based on a variety of factors including position, tenure, and budget. You can even set probationary limits during new employee onboarding.

Managers have the option of multi-tier approvals and 24/7 access to customized uniform distribution reports. You’ll rest easy knowing that your uniform program will stay on budget, employees will get the correct items, and countless other benefits.

Schedule a demo today to understand how this can benefit your organization.

Protecting the Environment

Talk to our uniform experts about ways to make your uniform program more environmentally sustainable.

Reissuance Program

Keep usable uniforms in service with a reissuance program. Items are professionally cleaned, repaired, and reissued to your specifications.

Sustainable Uniform Products

Our suppliers are regularly investing in reducing waste, identifying more sustainable materials, and limiting their carbon footprint.