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Managed Uniform Programs

What We Do

Managing and supporting a complex uniform program is hard without assistance. Unitec Distribution Systems has envisioned the concept and designed the process of fully managed uniform distribution from program set-up to return and exchange management. Every single step has been devised, tested and re-tested in order to meet the most demanding customer expectations. We take nothing for granted so that your uniform program runs perfectly and exactly to your expectations and specification.

Customized Support

  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Specially trained to collect and evaluate requirements of each of their clients
  • Trained to prepare a structured and comprehensive
    control process using our technical Internet-based
  • Live customer service support for your employees
  • Full pre- and post- contract consultation services


  • Employees place their own orders in a controlled environment
  • Online customized catalog for each job description
  • Control by dollar allowance and/or issuance quantity categories
  • Online approval by managers

In-House Embellishment

  • 24 heads of high capacity embroidery
  • Full-service screen printing and heat sealing
  • Complete team of master tailors and seamstresses
  • Complete assortment of emblems including attachment
  • Full sourcing and customization services
  • Custom manufacturing capabilities


  • Bag by employee
  • On-time delivery
  • Ship to headquarters, main warehouses, multiple site
    locations, homes

The Proximity System™

The Proximity System™ is a proprietary full-featured online apparel management system that was developed to take distributed organizations “out of the uniforms business”.

It is the most powerful and flexible Internet-based apparel management system available. It’s the only e-commerce tool specifically designed to provide comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities to widely distributed uniform programs.

Program Control Mechanisms

  • Allowance management
  • Issuance limits
  • Multiple catalogues
  • Multi-tier approvals
  • Budget constraints and alerts

Controlled Online Order and Tracking

  • Fully controlled and monitored
  • Group Managers may place orders or individuals may place their own orders
  • Ship to home, each location, or headquarter location

Flexible Invoice Management

  • Fully customizable
  • Group by location, department, purchase order, cost center and/or employee
  • Adaptable with company’s legacy systems

Full Reporting Capabilities

  • Proximity™ offers a wide range of real-time reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Product Usage Reports
  • Budgetary Reports
  • Allowance and Reissuance Reports
  • Uniform Program Reports

Virtual Inventory Management

  • Easily manage and monitor remote inventory
  • Account-owned inventory
  • Unitec-owned inventory
  • Reissuance management

Reissuance Program

  • Environmentally friendly uniform program assures that usable uniforms are kept in service
  • Functional uniforms and uniform items no longer needed are re-issued for emergency or routine use
  • Significantly less expensive than issuance of a complement of new uniforms
  • Re-issuable uniforms are cleaned, repaired and reissued per client specification