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SBA WOSB, WBENC WBE, & MDOT SBE Certified Uniform Distributor

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Your Trusted Partner for Federal, State, & Local Government Uniforms

Unitec Distribution Systems, a women-owned uniform distribution company, is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable uniform solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies. With a proven track record and an uncompromising commitment to excellence, we are your go-to source for uniform ordering, distribution, and analytics.

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About Unitec Distribution Systems

Since 1927, Unitec Distribution Systems has been a leader in uniform apparel solutions. Through our proprietary uniform management software and exceptional customer service, we’re able to streamline uniform distribution while improving morale and reducing waste. We offer a wide range of uniform products with in-house customization and direct-to-employee distribution services.

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What is a Managed Uniform Program?

Unitec Distribution Systems is a managed uniform provider. We offer everything you need from product selection and customization to individual employee allocation and distribution. Every process and procedure has been devised, tested, and re-tested in order to simplify and control your uniform program.

What We Do

  • Private online uniform stores with custom product catalogs based on individual employee criteria
  • Uniform sourcing from top uniform brands and full-service customization
  • Distribution of pre-sorted employee uniforms to headquarters, regional offices, and/or employee homes
  • Direct-to-employee customer service

What You Get

  • Complete control on uniform issuance and budget
  • Employees with correct uniform items
  • Real-time analytics on product usage, budget, and distribution

Uniforms for Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

As a women-owned uniform supplier with extensive past performance, we understand which brands and apparel items will work best for your team based on their unique job requirements. Our dedicated account managers guide your leadership team through the selection process and define which uniform allocation parameters are most appropriate for your budget. We then set up a customized portal for your employees to order their uniforms online and offer direct-to-employee customer service. Everything is monitored for complete budgetary control and cost savings.

Our track record proudly encompasses roles as a uniform supplier for federal contracts, facilitating Maryland state uniform distribution, and serving other local and state jurisdictions. Additionally, we extend our uniform supply services to small businesses and corporations. This diverse experience stands as a testament to our ability to meet a wide range of needs and adhere to stringent requirements. Our extensive background ensures we bring unparalleled expertise and value to your uniform program, establishing us as a trusted partner for agencies and organizations across the spectrum.

In-House Embellishment & Customization

Unitec Distribution Systems provides full customization services and compliance with agency and department specifications. We understand that government uniforms add a layer of security and trust, as they make it easier to identify authorized personnel. This is particularly important in high-security environments or emergency situations. Our in-house embellishments and ordering process ensure your employees are clearly identified as members of your agency. A well-designed uniform instills a sense of confidence, respect, and camaraderie among team members.


24 heads of high capacity embroidery.

Screen Printing

Full service screen printing and heat sealing.


Extensive assortment of emblems including attachment.


Complete team of master tailors and seamstresses.


Ability to custom manufacture.

We Take You Out of the Uniform Business

Ordering, managing, and distributing uniforms requires careful planning and coordination. Unitec Distribution Systems has mastered the process through our proprietary software and world-class customer focus.

It’s time to take your agency out of the uniform business and let the experts handle the details.

Diversity from the Top Down

Unitec Distribution Systems is a certified women-owned business that employs a diverse multi-national staff. This gives us a unique perspective that enhances our problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. 

Certified WBENC Women's Business Enterprise