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Leading Uniform Supplier for the Facility Maintenance Industry

Having a dependable, professional, and consistent uniform program is crucial for your business. Unitec Distribution Systems specializes in serving the facility maintenance industry, providing managed uniform programs customized to meet your specific needs. We understand the specific challenges of this sector and offer comprehensive solutions to ensure safety, comfort, and a professional appearance for your entire workforce.

Partnering with Unitec Distribution Systems allows facility maintenance companies to fully outsource their employee uniform distribution, effectively managing costs while ensuring all employees receive the correct items. Leveraging our extensive network of top uniform brands and in-house customization capabilities, we provide essential apparel for your team, including:

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Electricians, Plumbers, and Carpenters
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Administrative and Office Staff
  • Maintenance Supervisors and Managers
  • Groundskeepers and Janitorial Staff

Our proprietary Proximity System software enables Unitec Distribution Systems to manage every aspect of your uniform program with precision. This allows you to leave the uniform logistics to us and focus on your core operations.

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    Complete Uniform Management System

    Our managed uniform program is a comprehensive service designed to streamline the process of outfitting your workforce with high-quality uniforms for the facility maintenance industry.

    Our objective is to streamline the process of uniform procurement and management for facility maintenance businesses, allowing them to concentrate on their primary operations. We ensure employees are well-equipped with uniforms that fit their needs and represent their brand accurately.

    Key Features:

    • Selection: Access to resilient, top-quality apparel suitable for various roles.
    • Customization: Customize uniforms with logos, colors, and styles to match your brand.
    • Distribution: Efficient delivery directly to your facility or employees.
    • Inventory Management: Effortless control to maintain uniforms stock levels.
    • Support: Dedicated account managers handle replacements and repairs.

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    customer support representative standing in a uniform warehouse

    One Company for All Your Facility Maintenance Uniform Needs

    Unitec Distribution Systems delivers high-quality, dependable, and professional uniforms tailored to meet the diverse needs of the facility maintenance industry. Our experienced and dedicated account managers take the time to understand your business, guiding you in selecting the best products for your team. With insights gained from working with thousands of other uniformed employees, we ensure your workforce is outfitted with uniforms that enhance safety, comfort, and professionalism.

    Maintenance worker in his uniform and hard hat

    Maintenance Technicians Workwear

    Outfit your team with safe, long-lasting workwear designed for facility maintenance operations:

    • Reinforced Work Pants
    • Lightweight, Breathable Shirts
    • Protective Gloves
    • Comfortable, Durable Coveralls
      Maintenance technician in uniform working on a repair

      Safety Gear and PPE

      Protect your maintenance technicians with industry-compliant personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety gear:

      • High-Visibility Vests and Jackets
      • Hard Hat Liners
      • Utility Pants with Tool Pockets
      • Safety Googles
      • Protective Gloves
      janitorial staff in unifroms cleaning

      Groundskeeper and Janitorial Apparel

      Keep your entire team looking professional and performing at their best:

      • Smocks and Aprons
      • Protective Gloves
      • Durable Coveralls
      • Breathable Polo Shirts
      customer service representatives in uniform

      Customer Service Representative Uniforms

      Ensure your customer service staff are easily identifiable and dressed for the job with our functional, durable uniforms.

      • Tailored Blazers and Jackets
      • Dress Shirts
      • Branded Outerwear
      • Moisture-Wicking T-Shirts
      Customer service team wearing blue polo uniform shirts

      Administrative and Office Staff Apparel

      Maintain comfort and safety for support staff who work both in the field and at their desks with our range of high-quality gear:

      • Comfortable, Breathable Shirts
      • Lightweight Jackets
      • Stain-Resistant Work Shirts
      • Brand-Name Polo Shirts
          manager in a hard hat

          Maintenance Supervisor and Manager Apparel

          Elevate the style of your maintenance supervisor and management team with our sophisticated, tailored apparel.

          • Polo Shirts
          • Branded Outerwear
          • Business Trousers and Skirts
          • Tailored Blazers and Jackets
          • Dress Shirts (Long and Short Sleeve)

          Is a Managed Uniform Program Right For You?

          Our scorecard, crafted by experts in business efficiency and management, consists of nine straightforward questions about your uniform program. After completion, you'll receive a personalized score along with suggestions on how to refine and improve your uniform management process.

          About Unitec Distribution Systems

          Unitec Distribution Systems takes the headaches out of managing your uniform purchases and distribution.

          • Single Source for All Uniforms and Accessories: A vast selection of superior quality uniforms.
          • Proprietary Software: Unmatched control of budget, allowances, and distribution.
          • Dedicated Account Managers: Access to live customer support.
          • Online Employee Ordering: Manager approvals and comprehensive reporting.
          • Organization-Wide Savings: Reducing costs and time with streamlined uniform management.

          Since 1927, Unitec Distribution Systems has been a leader in uniform apparel solutions. Our proprietary uniform management software and exceptional customer service streamline uniform distribution while improving morale and reducing waste. We offer a wide range of uniform products, including sustainable options, with in-house customization and direct-to-employee distribution services.

          NAICS Codes

          314999 • 315120 • 315210 • 315250 • 315990 • 323113 • 339920 • 423910 • 424310 • 424350 • 425120 • 455219 • 458110 • 459110 • 811430 • 812331 • 812332

          Unique Entity ID: XBLPHT67HLL5
          DUNS number: 022681308
          CAGE Code: 3A2Z4

          Certified Women Owned Business

          Unitec Distribution Systems proudly holds certification as a WBE through Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) DBE/MBE/SBEalong with additional DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE certifications. 

          Popular Brands of Facility Maintenance Industry Uniforms

          Unitec Distribution Systems is a proud supplier of the most popular uniform brands, including the top brands for the facility maintenance industry uniforms. These brands are recognized for their reliability, durability, and safety, making them ideal choices for demanding environments. 

          Leave the Uniforms to the Pros

          Ordering, managing, and distributing uniforms requires careful planning and coordination. Unitec Distribution Systems has mastered the process through our proprietary software and world-class customer focus.

          It’s time to take your agency out of the uniform business and let the experts handle the details.

          Uniform Distribution Graphic showing software and trucks working together for distribution of uniforms
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