There are mixed opinions on uniforms, but we’ve learned that with better uniform options and the right distributor, uniforms are a great addition in any industry. A properly managed uniform program creates a more professional business image, encourages team spirit to boost morale, provides opportunities for advertising, create team cohesiveness by eliminating inequalities between employees, and in many cases, improve safety and security.

As more options are available than ever before for purchasing uniform products, the selection process may seem overwhelming. Not only do you need to choose which company to work with, you also have to make decisions on the products you offer your employees, how those items are distributed, and a variety of other factors for managing your uniform program successfully.

Since 1927, Unitec Distribution Systems has been providing its products and services to various industries with superior customer service, satisfaction, and selection. From cost considerations to management’s control over the process, we are confident that Unitec Distribution Systems can help. In this article, we discuss how to choose the right uniform distributor and why Unitec Distribution Systems stands out amongst its competitors.

Is a Managed Uniform Program Right For You?

Our scorecard, crafted by experts in business efficiency and management, consists of nine straightforward questions about your uniform program. After completion, you'll receive a personalized score along with suggestions on how to refine and improve your uniform management process.

Purchasing vs. Renting Uniforms for Your Company

The first question you may have as the person or department responsible for your company’s uniforms is whether you should purchase or rent. Both methods have pros and cons, but the benefits of buying through a managed uniform provider far outweigh the benefits of renting. 

One of the most significant benefits to purchasing uniforms through a managed uniform provider over renting is that with purchasing, you have more control over the entire process. Renting often locks you into contracts with limited options and complicated terms. Purchasing uniforms provides greater flexibility, and at Unitec we help reduce unnecessary costs or confusion by analyzing your needs and creating the best solution for your budget. We utilize our own apparel management system called The Proximity System™, which is detailed in the “Controlling your Uniform Program” section below. 

Choosing a rental uniform program may reduce initial expenses and, in many cases, eliminate some management responsibilities, but it also includes increased costs over the life of the contract. These often-unplanned charges accumulate rapidly and may include set-up fees for new employees, unused laundry services, up-charges due to specific uniform size requirements, and lost or damaged garment fees. What’s the biggest financial loss when choosing rental over purchase? Once your contract is finished you have to return the garments you’ve been paying for (multiple times over) all along and have nothing in the end.

Unitec’s business operations are built to optimize the management of uniform programs from ordering to distribution. There are no surprise fees and everything is controlled to prevent waste and manage budgets. You can rest assured knowing that Unitec is taking care of your employees and the entire ordering process.

There are many concerns when purchasing uniforms vs. renting. Organizations feel that they may have less control over what employees choose to order. Our company considered this and built The Proximity System™, to manage the available options and quantities each employee can order based on their position and other factors. You have the option to let employees place their own orders in this controlled online environment which has varying settings for manager approval on each order placed.

water treatment high visibility uniform

Controlling your Uniform Program

We understand that each company has unique needs. Whether providing dollar allowances or sets of clothing per union agreements or having various positions requiring specific uniforms or embellishments, we created a solution that covers it all.

At Unitec Distribution Systems, each of our clients gain access to The Proximity System™, a proprietary full-featured online apparel management system that was developed to take organizations “out of the uniform business.” One of the greatest challenges to any uniform program, whether renting or buying, is budget control. Our long list of satisfied clients can easily maintain their budget through purchasing limits and 24/7 access to the dashboard. Additionally, our system has many great features, including, but not limited to, program control mechanisms, controlled online ordering and tracking, flexible invoice management, full reporting capabilities, virtual inventory management, and a reissuance program.

You can learn more about The Proximity System™ by clicking here. Stop using an unreliable spreadsheet and let the system do the work!

Full-Service Custom Uniform Supplier

By partnering with Unitec Distribution Systems, organizations can get out of the uniform business and focus on their core operations. Schedule a Demo or 15-minute consultation to learn more about how our managed uniform program can simplify your operations.

Choosing the Right Uniforms for your Needs

At Unitec, we consider all the factors necessary in making the right uniform choices for your workforce. From product selection to our teams’ expertise about what works and what doesn’t, we eliminate all the guesswork leaving you with more time and resources to focus on your business. 

Our Product Selection

Unitec Distribution Systems has extensive experience with many brands and industries. If you need durable workwear, executive apparel, or high-visibility uniforms, we’ve got you covered. We provide many familiar brand names that are industry specific such as: RedKap, Carhartt, Dickies, Port Authority, and so many more. These well-known brands have been tested over time and are of the utmost quality, ensuring you won’t have any unnecessary costs related to manufacturing issues. From public safety apparel to executive uniforms, ordering all these brands and industry-specific uniforms from a centralized source eliminates the need for our clients to shop around. 

Environmental Factors Impacting Uniform Choice

The many environmental conditions in which your employees will be wearing a uniform impact your decision on which garments should be provided. Different work environments may require employees to wear ANSI rated high visibility (hi-vis) items, flame resistant clothing, or shirts with snaps instead of buttons, etc.  Our variety of industry-specific brands are not only well-known but highly reviewed and consider environmental conditions during their development.  If you are unsure about what would work best or what options are available to you, our expert team is always available to help. Our excellent customer service is a major point of pride at Unitec, on top of the exemplary services and products provided. 

Type of Work & Industry

Every job title includes their own unique set of uniform requirements. Specific industries may be at high risk which requires flame-resistant clothing, or others may require Class 2 or 3 hi-vis uniforms for varying outdoor safety standards. Unitec provides a variety of uniforms to meet the requirements of different industries. Furthermore, our trained account managers understand which products perform the best in different circumstances.

Since specialty uniforms are more expensive, The Proximity System can be customized to your specifications to ensure only the appropriate garments are offered to certain employees with the correct limitations. Employees may only select from items specific to their position and limits are built into the system based on item quantities and/or dollar amount.

Uniform Specifics

Most clients need specific customization of items to include their company logo. At Unitec, we provide in-house embellishment services, which include full-service embroidery, screen printing, heat sealing, and emblem attachment.      

Why Choose Unitec Distribution Systems?

Experience & Reputation

When choosing where to do business, the experience of the uniform company itself is an important consideration. Unitec was founded in 1927 and has grown to include all phases of the process to manage a uniform purchase program. Anything from various ordering and shipping options, to invoicing and reports. We are a fully managed uniform distribution company, allowing your organization to easily design a uniform program without the hassle of distribution management or unnecessary expenses.

The reputation of your uniform distributor is key and our reputation speaks for itself. We care about our customers and provide superior support during the onboarding process and throughout the entire relationship.

Certified Women-Owned

In addition to our stellar reputation, as demonstrated by our awards, customer satisfaction, and long-term clients, we are also MBE/DBE certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), WBE certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), WOSB certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA), WBE Certified by Supplier Clearinghouse, along with other WBE and MBE/DBE certifications.

Service & Support

It’s essential to consider the service and support available to you and your team as you select a uniform provider. From day one, our support team works side-by-side with each of our clients. Unitec assigns a dedicated account manager who is specially trained to collect and evaluate the requirements for every uniform program needed. It’s a personalized experience from the very beginning.

Throughout the relationship, your employees have access to live customer service support. From orders and exchanges to returns and alterations, our dedication to “direct-to-employee” customer service takes care of everything from start to finish. We handle each issue with promptness and efficiency—saving time, money, and headaches.

As always, we are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Call us at (410) 876-6227 or email us at to learn more today!

Ready to Learn More?

Ready to discover how a managed uniform program can transform your team’s satisfaction and streamline your brand’s presentation? Our expert account managers are eager to guide you through the benefits and tailor a program that perfectly aligns with your company’s unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to enhance employee choice, maintain brand consistency, or control costs, we’re here to provide the insights and support you need to make your uniform program a success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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