In grade school we were told “you won’t always have a calculator”. Little did we know that not only would we always have a calculator handy, but we’d also have access to unlimited information at our fingertips. Smartphones, computers, and technology have become a part of our everyday lives. While there is still satisfaction in mailing someone a physical card, the world is digital.

In the age of modern technology, we expect instant access to information. However, it wasn’t that long ago that having a spreadsheet to manage your uniform program was considered the norm. The challenge with a basic spreadsheet is that it can only hold information and requires someone to manage it. Even for an experienced user, pulling out information and drawing actionable insights takes time and for some, can be impossible to analyze.

There is also the challenge of increased costs. It’s no longer practical or economical to have an employee manage the needs of your company-wide uniform program as a full-time position. Then if you attempt to split the current responsibilities across managers in each department, you’ll lose control and waste valuable time and resources.

To solve all of these challenges, including access to valuable insights, Unitec developed a software to better manage your uniform program. Our Proximity Software™ is included, as a value add, for our Total Uniform Management Solutions (TUMS) customers.


By integrating uniform program software into the management, ordering, and distribution of uniforms, companies are able to:

Improve Employee Morale

By empowering employees to order their own items and providing direct delivery to their home or local office, a managed uniform program makes it easy for employees to quickly order and receive the items they need.

Control Costs

You can limit the number of items or dollar amount each employee can purchase within a given timeframe. Differentiate items, allotments, and embellishments based on job title and status (i.e. part-time employees can’t order as much as full-time employees with the same title, managers wear different colored shirts with a different embroidery than their staff, etc.)

Enhance Brand Image

Today’s customer pays attention to every little detail and the professional appearance of your employees matters. Mismatched or inconsistent uniforms look sloppy and leave customers questioning your reputation. Plus, top-quality uniforms serve as a “walking billboard” to promote your brand.

Prevent Waste

With employees only ordering what they need, you won’t have boxes of unused uniforms taking up space in storage. Each employee’s order arrives neatly packed in a bag with a packing slip to easily distribute to the right person.

Does this sound like something you should consider?

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