Unitec recently published an article outlining the disadvantages of rental uniform programs. The hidden fees, convoluted contract terms, and lack of flexibility make renting or leasing uniforms cost-prohibitive and unsuccessful for most organizations. Rental uniform expenses can be 2-3 times the amount of a purchase uniform program for the same clothing! Not to mention, your employees are often wearing the same clothing for the entire length of the contract.

If you are considering a change to your uniform program, Unitec Distribution Systems has a variety of articles for review to help with your decision process. We’ve also compiled the top reasons to switch to a purchase uniform program:


of purchased uniform program expenditures are still in use four years after service!

Advantages of a Purchase Uniform Program

No Additional Fees

Rental program terms include unnecessary CPI increases, startup fees, damaged clothing charges, and so much more. Purchase programs, like Unitec Distribution System’s Managed Uniform Program, don’t include those fees.


Business-savvy people understand the value of an asset over time. It doesn’t make sense to rent uniforms with high fees and have nothing at the end. With a purchase uniform program, you own the clothing.

New Items

Some rental uniform programs may never release new items. You could have the same shirt for the life of the contract or one that was used on previous contracts. Purchasing allows all employees to order new items at pre-determined intervals.

Better Style

Because rental uniforms are reused often, customization is very limited. You’ll often see large, tacky patches used for customization. Direct embroidery on a purchased item, including name and logo, offers a more professional appearance.

More Options

To control costs, rental uniform programs limit the available items. A managed uniform provider is able to offer a wide range of items with no additional costs.



When employees are given a choice of uniform items, they are more likely to follow the company’s uniform requirements. This keeps your team on brand, feeling great and looking their best.


Managed purchase uniform programs have inherent control mechanisms that allow employees a choice of job-specific items while staying within a predetermined budget. Costs are controlled and management doesn’t need to get involved.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees offer better customer service, conduct their job better, and stay on your team longer. Purchase uniform programs are more flexible to include updated product styles and take your organization’s preferences into account.

The Top Reason to Use a Managed Uniform Provider: 


At the end of the day, most business decisions come down to the bottom line. Unitec Distribution Systems can save organizations 23% on average on their uniform programs.

Still not sure if a managed uniform program is right for you?

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