Innovative Uniform Solutions

Is a Managed Uniform Program Right For Your Organization?

For decades, companies have relied on various uniform contracts and multiple suppliers to outfit their workforce. Most of these systems required internal resources to effectively manage and often left employees frustrated with the options available to them. As business continues to evolve, the need for innovative solutions has never been more apparent. Enter managed uniform programs—a game-changing approach to uniform management that is revolutionizing the way companies outfit their teams.

What is Wrong With Most Uniform Programs?

Most uniform programs suffer from several common shortcomings that can hinder their effectiveness and efficiency. These include:


Lack of Flexibility

Many uniform programs offer limited options for customization, resulting in uniforms that may not fully align with the brand identity or preferences of the organization. This lack of customization can lead to uniforms that are uninspiring and fail to foster a sense of pride among employees.

Inefficient Ordering Processes

Traditional uniform programs often involve cumbersome ordering processes, such as manual order forms or phone orders, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This inefficiency can lead to delays in receiving uniforms and frustration among employees.

Poor Inventory Management

Without robust inventory management systems in place, uniform programs may struggle to keep track of inventory levels and distribution. This can result in overstocking, stockouts, and unnecessary expenses for the organization.

Limited Visibility and Control

Many uniform programs lack visibility and control over uniform usage and spending. This can make it difficult for organizations to track expenses, identify areas for cost savings, and make informed decisions about their uniform program.

Lack of Support and Service

Some uniform programs may lack dedicated customer support and service, leaving organizations without the assistance they need to address issues or concerns related to their uniforms.

Costly Change Fees

Another common issue with uniform programs is the presence of costly change fees for alterations or updates to uniform orders. These fees can add up over time and deter organizations from making necessary changes to their uniform program, leading to dissatisfaction among employees and missed opportunities for improvement.

Is a Managed Uniform Program Right For You?

Our scorecard, crafted by experts in business efficiency and management, consists of nine straightforward questions about your uniform program. After completion, you'll receive a personalized score along with suggestions on how to refine and improve your uniform management process.

How Can We Make Managing Our Uniforms Easier?

If you’ve come to this article, you are probably exploring alternative options for managing your company’s uniforms. You want a solution that checks all the boxes and will support your company’s needs now and well into the future. You want to make sure you don’t run into the same issues again. The good news is a managed uniform program can provide the comprehensive solution you’re looking for.

With a managed uniform program, you can streamline the entire uniform management process, from sourcing and customization to distribution and ongoing support. By partnering with a dedicated uniform provider, you’ll have centralized management that eliminates the need for multiple suppliers and ensures consistency and reliability in uniform supply. Moreover, a managed program offers customizable solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs and preferences, allowing you to maintain brand identity and employee satisfaction.

With user-friendly ordering processes and inventory management systems, you can easily track and manage uniforms, preventing overstocking or stockouts and ensuring efficient inventory management. Plus, dedicated customer support ensures that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed with professionalism and care. In short, a managed uniform program offers a hassle-free and efficient solution to managing your company’s uniforms, providing peace of mind now and in the future.


Comprehensive Services

Choose a managed uniform supplier that offers end-to-end uniform management, from sourcing to distribution, to streamline the process.


Customization Options

Opt for a provider that offers customizable uniform solutions tailored to your brand identity and employee needs.


User-Friendly Ordering

Ensure the provider offers easy-to-use online ordering systems or mobile apps for convenient uniform ordering by employees.


Responsive Support

Select a provider with dedicated customer support to address any issues or concerns promptly and efficiently.

Innovative Uniform Solutions: A Managed Uniform Program

A managed uniform program is a comprehensive service designed to streamline the process of outfitting organizations’ employees with uniforms. This program includes services such as uniform selection, customization, distribution, inventory management, and ongoing support. Managed uniform programs aim to simplify uniform procurement and management for businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations while ensuring their employees are properly outfitted in attire that meets their needs and reflects their brand identity.

By partnering with Unitec Distribution Systems, organizations can get out of the uniform business and focus on their core operations. Schedule a Demo or 15-minute consultation to learn more about how our managed uniform program can simplify your operations.

How Do I Know if a Managed Uniform Program is Right for Our Organization?

Determining if a Managed Uniform Program is right for your organization is a strategic choice. Many businesses have embraced the efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of using a managed uniform supplier, like Unitec Distribution. Despite its widespread success, many companies simply aren’t aware of this solution or its tremendous benefits.

That’s why we developed the Uniform Program Scorecard. In just a few questions, we can quickly evaluate your uniform program across five critical categories and provide customized suggestions on how to improve your uniform program.

Ready to discover if a Managed Uniform Program is the perfect fit for your organization? Complete our scorecard today and unlock tailored suggestions to optimize your uniform program.

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Ready to Learn More?

If your company struggles with finding the right uniform items or controlling your uniform program, then working with a managed uniform supplier may be a great fit for your organization. Unitec Distribution Systems has established relationships with numerous uniform manufacturers and has developed proprietary software to control your uniform program.

This means that we’re able to control the procurement process, ensure brand consistency, and stay within budget, all while offering your employees high-quality, comfortable, and safe uniform options.

We Take You Out of the Uniform Business!

Unitec Distribution Systems takes the headaches out of managing your uniform purchases and distribution. Our innovative combination of proprietary uniform software, industry expertise, wide-range of uniform products, and customer service will transform the way your company orders, distributes, and manages uniforms for your employees. Together, we’re able to streamline uniform distribution while improving morale and reducing waste.

Unitec is a certified women-owned uniform supplier.