Company uniforms play a significant role in the overall success and branding of an organization. Employees in well-maintained, matching uniforms promote a powerful brand message and build trust with customers as well as in their organization. Employees benefit from the sense of unity and belonging that uniforms provide. Uniforms can also address a variety of safety and security concerns from visibility to credentialing.

As an organization grows, the needs of its uniform program evolve and become more complex. An employee uniform distributor, or managed uniform provider, is an organization capable of handling all aspects of uniform sourcing, budgeting, and distribution on behalf of a corporation.

In addition to handling the logistics of employee uniform distribution, corporate uniform suppliers also stay current on the latest uniform trends and various options available across a broad spectrum of uniform apparel brands. Employee uniform distributors take the time to understand an organization’s unique needs and brand identity before creating a custom uniform program. Whether it’s a sleek suit for a high-end hotel or a durable coverall for a construction crew, these distributors make it happen.

How a Corporate Uniform Supplier Helps Companies

A corporate uniform supplier or distributor is an organization that specializes in providing and managing employee uniforms for businesses across various industries. Commonly referred to as a managed uniform provider, the primary responsibility of a corporate uniform supplier is to ensure that organizations have access to order high-quality, appropriate, and branded uniforms for their employees.

The key responsibilities of a managed uniform provider include:

  • Consulting with customers to understand the needs of an organization
  • Providing uniform design and customization options
  • Sourcing and procurement of employee uniforms
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics and distribution of employee uniforms
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Customer support and relationship management
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By shouldering these responsibilities, a corporate uniform distributor enables businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring that their employees are dressed professionally, consistently, and in line with the company’s brand image.

The Benefits of Working with an Employee Uniform Distributor

Outsourcing an employee uniform program to a specialized team provides numerous benefits to your organization, including cost-savings and reduced headaches. Through a variety of factors, including those outlined below, managed uniform providers can provide a tremendous value to their customers without adding excess cost to their uniform program. In fact, most customers save money when switching to a managed uniform program due to reduced waste and increased efficiency. Employees also report higher satisfaction with their uniforms and are more likely to follow uniform guidelines when provided with the proper items.

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Consistent, Single-Sourced Uniform Customization

Most employee uniform distributors have a variety of customization options in-house. This expedites the customization process while ensuring your brand is consistently represented across all orders.

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High-Quality Uniform Materials and Durability

Managed uniform providers have a deep knowledge of different uniform products, fabrics, and brands. They are able to guide customers to the best uniform options quickly and discuss the benefits of each.

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Streamlined Uniform Ordering

Rather than ordering from numerous uniform apparel companies directly, a managed uniform provider can procure items from multiple vendors to provide one-stop ordering and uniform fulfillment services for an organization’s employees.

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Controlled Employee Uniform Distribution

A managed uniform provider controls the distribution of uniforms to employees based on a variety of criteria. This prevents wasted inventory while ensuring fair and compliant distribution to your team.

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Optimized Shipping

Companies, like Unitec Distribution Systems, are able to process bulk shipments and/or consolidate individual employee orders for direct distribution to employee homes or regional offices. This ensures the right products make it to each employee.

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Simplified Invoicing

When working with an employee uniform distributor, companies can request invoices grouped by location, department, cost center or other variables. This helps accounting know exactly what is included in each invoice and properly track expenses.

Understanding the role of an employee uniform supplier is a critical first step in resolving the headaches commonly associated with managing your company’s uniform program. We’ve also compiled a list of factors to consider when choosing an employee uniform distributor. This article helps you understand what questions to ask and what to consider when choosing a supplier for your company’s uniforms.

If your organization is ready for a managed uniform provider relationship, we’re here to help!

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