Uniforms bagged by employee
Having uniforms sorted by employee is a major advantage of a managed uniform program. When uniforms are managed in-house, a shipment with everything lumped together is shipped to a central office and then someone needs to reference which items belong to each employee and sort it out. It’s time consuming. It’s messy. It’s wasteful.

Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about sorting by employee:

What is sorting by employee?

Unitec Distribution Systems packages each employee’s individual order into a clear plastic bag with the packing slip on top, so it is labelled with their name, location and items in the bag. The bag may include multiple uniform pieces or just one item for that employee, depending on your uniform program. Then multiple employees’ orders are placed into a box and shipped to one main location or multiple satellite office locations. We can also ship directly to employees’ homes.

How does this save money?

Sorting by employee, as part of a managed uniform program, saves money by: consolidating shipping costs, eliminating over-ordering, reducing inventory entirely or in sizes that will never be used, decreasing man hours needed for distribution, eliminating in-house handling and managing what each employee receives.

How and where are boxes shipped?

Unitec Distribution Systems works with you to figure out the best solution. Maybe you want all orders held for a weekly shipment to headquarters. Perhaps you need employee uniforms sent to their corresponding regional offices. Or possibly shipping directly to each employee’s home makes the most sense.

Who does this help?

Short answer: Everyone!

Employees enjoy receiving their package ready to go. Supervisors and administrative staff enjoy the ease of distribution. Managers like being able to track everything online through The Proximity System™.

Still not sure if a managed uniform program is right for you?

Uniform Program Evaluation Tool

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See it in Action

We can customize a demo of our Proximity System™ for your team to see how it works and better understand how Unitec can save you time, money, and headaches.