If you’re reading this article, there is a high probability that you are concerned about the costs of your existing uniform program. There are three main categories of expenses with uniform programs: products, distribution, and management.

Uniform Product Cost

Jackets, shirts, and pants, oh my! There is no limit to the number of uniform options available. Even within specific categories, there are countless possibilities. For example, selecting a polo shirt is challenging due to the number of manufacturers and magnitude of available colors, fabrics, cuts, sleeve lengths, and pockets. The team at Unitec Distribution Systems has extensive knowledge of different uniform options throughout all industries and job responsibilities. Unitec’s Account Managers take the time to learn what your employees need and present the best options within your budget. This helps narrow down options to make the most cost-effective selections.

Uniform Distribution Fees

A company’s uniform distribution cost includes increasing shipping rates, square footage used for storage, and valuable time to sort and issue items to individual employees. Having multiple departments and/or locations can increase costs, however, Unitec Distribution Systems offers a variety of distribution solutions from our centralized warehouse. We can ship directly to your employee’s homes or to specific offices based on what makes the most sense for your organization. As orders leave our warehouse, everything is packaged by employee to make onsite distribution easy!

Uniform Program Management Expenses

Uniform program management is the most critical aspect to overseeing and maintaining your budget. A well-managed uniform program includes spending or item quantity limitations by job description during a specified timeframe based on your organization’s needs. It also provides reporting on usage and distribution by a variety of criteria. At Unitec Distribution Systems, we combine our industry-leading uniform program software with our dedicated Account Managers to help you control your uniform program by taking you out of the uniform business. Our managed uniform program lets you focus on more important tasks.

And there you have it, three of the main costs associated with your uniform program!

Still not sure if a managed uniform program is right for you?

Uniform Program Evaluation Tool

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